Mick Cawston
1959 - 2006

It is with great sadness and regret that we inform you of Mick Cawston's sudden and untimely death.
Way too early in life at the very young age of 47, this brilliant canine and wildlife artist passed on.
Mick was "discovered" at Covent Garden in London where he would do charcoal and pastel sketches of you for about $35.
Mick is best known to us as a brilliant painter of canines for he captured the essence of the dog, whether it was doing what it was bred for or perhaps anticipating snatching a cookie from a carelessly left plate. The wild freedom of Mick's life on the moors of southern England was reflected in his work, bringing a unique perspective to his art. Mick's quirky sense of humor as well as his deep affection for the animal kingdom was transferred to his art. He created a separate world in which the dog lived and was boss. Mick's art and his life reflected his love of nature and his activity to help preserve the countryside as it has always been. His fans loved him for that and constantly kept him in the top ten selling canine artists in the world for almost two decades.
For those of you who were fortunate enough to travel to Crufts in England and had the singular pleasure of meeting Mick,
you know what an open, down-to-earth guy he was. He was always willing to interrupt his painting to take time to answer
your questions about his art or the breed you fancy. He will be sorely missed by those of us who appreciate his art.
His work spanned almost 400 Limited Edition lithographs and giclee' prints as well as thousands of original oils and
pastels which are hung in galleries and homes around the world. He had recently begun a studio near his home
and was teaching others the joy of expression through art.
If you had met Mick or just admired his work and would like to express your sympathies, you can send notes to Condolences@SetterStuff.com. They will be forwarded on to his family.

Mick and his art are now for the ages. Rest well, Mick.

Julie Brenan: Each year since 1979, Julie has painted the portrait of the Crufts Supreme Champion and has received commissions from around the world. In 1987, she was chosen to give a one-woman show in London. There, she exhibited many of her fine portraits of dogs. All of these portraits have been specially commissioned, and are not widely available.

Georgia Cawley: Georgia's personal experience with animals throughout her life has served as artistic inspiration. When she draws or paints animals, Georgia delights in the textures and colors, the angles and rounds, striving to capture the nature of the animal as well as the individual character. She has been fortunate to be able to combine her love of art and animals into a career as an artist.
Click here to see her Black & White Prints

Mick Cawston: Mick was born in 1959 in England, and won his first art exhibition at the age of 7. After he finished school, he was a cabinet maker, in the Royal Army, a motorcycle messenger in London, did pavement painting in Covent Garden, and designed silverware, before devoting himself fulltime to painting. In 1987, he had his first limited edition prints published. One of the finest canine painters in the world today, he portrays the character and likeness of the dog superbly, whether the medium is acrylics, oils, watercolors or pastels.

Paul Doyle

Paul is the world's best selling canine artist with about half of the prints he has produced Out Of Print, some producing record-breaking prices in the art aftermarket. One of Paul's Limited Edition prints sold out all 500 copies just four days after it was released.

He began painting seriously in 1997 and now has over 110 limited edition prints to his credit. He is also producing Limited Edition art for the Danbury Mint. Paul draws doodles of an idea, makes notes and then find the right breed for the idea. He will photograph dogs for hours and watch them play and move before working on the painting. Paul has so many pictures and concepts on the go at any one time, he only finds time to fit the odd commission into his schedule, with a wait time up to two years. Occasionally, Settin' Pretty does tempt Paul to travel to this side of the "pond" to attend a National Specialty with Settin' Pretty where he will do on-the-spot charcoal portraits and remarques on his Limited Edition prints.

Born in Coventry and educated at the City of Coventry Boarding School, Paul left school at 16 in order to train as an apprentice draughtsman. Paul’s first love however is and always has been painting. Paul tried to further his education by taking night school to study art. This was short-lived as by the third lesson the teacher informed Paul that he should be teaching the class, not studying in it. Then Paul went to work designing graphics for a video unit and designing graphics for large conferences. He realized an ambition of painting a huge mural of Two Badgers onto the side of his Warwickshire home, for which he has obtained the blessing of the other villagers and council’s permission. His long term aim is to buy and convert an old barn. He has been making a living from his art since 1997 when his first three prints were released to considerable success. Since then, Paul has had more than 70 prints released. Many of his prints are Out of Print and command up to six times as much as the original retail price. This is no accident. It is as much a part of his talent, a unique way of looking at his subjects and downright hard work. Paul is branching out and has a line of limited edition canine plates and mugs. He lives, in his Badger-bedecked home in Warwickshire, with his three rescued Border Collies: “Paddy", “Belle” and "Sally".

Gillian Evans: Gill started painting after a varied career: police photographer, art college lecturer, and air hostess. Gill worked in London on the Evening News and Vogue and then as a press officer. Gill is self taught, painting animal and people portraits.

Sue Driver: Sue was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her artistic talents began as a child preferring a pencil to a doll. After graduating with a degree in Political Science, she went to sea with the British Merchant Navy. Then, she returned to painting using pastels and oils. Sue currently lives in England where she continues to paint commissions and produce her own fine prints.

Nigel Hemming: Nigel is one of Europe's most successful wildlife artists. His work, whether in watercolor, oil, or pastel, captures the essence of dogs, natural wildlife and their habitat. Nigel is a devotee of the countryside and all it holds. His subjects are thoroughly investigated, allowing him to acquire the atmosphere and sketch background details. It is because of this research that Hemming's work supercedes a mere recording of the subject. For the 1998 ISCA National, Nigel volunteered to create a unique remarque of Gaelic Pride for the Rescue Auction, garnering a record amount. Thank you Nigel!

Mike Sibley: Mike turned his talents to the art of dogs in 1970. His work is special in its fine detail; the only tool for this is a pencil. It is not feasible to draw from live models so he takes over 50 photographs for each subject, spending more than 200 hours on a single drawing. He starts with the eyes of each subject as he feels that there is where the soul begins. Mike and his wife currently live in Herriot country in North Yorkshire surrounded by dogs, cats and livestock.

Henry Wilkinson: Henry Wilkinson has been a master engraver for about 70 years, originally working on illustrations for books. Wilkie worked with Vernon Stokes who was acknowledged as the master of canine engraving. After Stokes' death, Henry Wilkinson became the world's master at this very old and very difficult art form. Everything you see on the page is Wilkinson's work. Wilkie does the original drawing for the engraving or drypoint. Then he performs the very tedious and exacting engraving work manually on copper plates, just as it was done two hundred years ago. Wilkinson mixes his inks by hand, just as printers did two centuries previously. Each paper is torn or cut individually and each engraving is slightly different in size. Each engraving is pressed individually on heavy vellum stock by hand on a press that was manufactured in the 1870s. Wilkinson mixes each color of paint by hand from formulas handed down for centuries. Each drypoint is hand painted by Wilkinson so each is slightly different from the next, making each artwork special. His deep love and understanding of well bred dogs, built up over a lifetime is evident, not only in his drypoints and engravings but also in the brilliant award-winning oil paintings which he amazingly still finds time to paint.

Janet Zepf: Janet received her art training at the American Academy of Art in Chicago. She now divides her time between book illustration and painting dogs. Janet and her husband Chuck have enjoyed raising, showing, and field trialing their champion Gordon Setters. They currently live in southern California with their two daughters, several dogs, and a cat.

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