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By Pippa Thew
Signed and numbered edition of 55 Giclee' prints
Image size: 10" x 12.75"
Poodle-011 - $104.95

By David Thompson
Signed and numbered edition of 850
Print size: 11" x 8"
Poodle-006 - $34.95

By Steven Nesbitt
Signed and numbered edition of
Matted size: 11" x 14"
Poodle-023 - $59.95

By Lynn Paterson
Pencil sketch
Print size: 16.5" x 11.5"
Poodle-303 - $59.95

Media Mail: $4.00 for the first book - add $1.00 for each additional book
Priority Mail: $7.00 for the first book - add $1.00 for each additional book

Discontented with her comfortable life in Virginia, and yearning for an education, Copydog (a nickname given her because she has a tendency to copy whatever anybody else is doing) decides to go to India, where, she hears, there is "more to learn". Then the Great Miracle occurs: on board the plane bound for Bombay, she hears herself speak! Copydog's journey is more than an adventure. She faces hardship in India, learns patience from the water buffalo, humbleness from the donkey, and dignity from the elephant. And one evening, after supper, the animals tell stories and build a wonderful living pyramid. The flyleaf also says: "Numerous gay pencil drawings by Kurt Wiese depict Copydog in Asia with her friends." A fantastic book! For kids or adults. For poodle lovers or not. This 127-page hardbound book is in very good condition. The binding is still tight. There is very minor scuffing however, on the bottom of the spine and on the corners. And there is a small pen "JL" on the front flyleaf. The book has a dustjacket which is in great condition, protected by a clear plastic dust jacket. - $29.95

Otto Runs for President by Rosemary Wells. It's election time at Barkadelphia School! Tiffany the Poodle is running for president because, after all, she is the most beautiful and popular. Charles the Bulldog is running because he's a star athlete and a born leader. But might these two candidates be a bit too sure of themselves? Can Barkadelphia School do better? Could a third candidate, like Otto (the Jack Russell Terrier), actually run for president and win? Stay tuned until the polls close and every vote is counted! This copy is in excellent condition complete with dust jacket. The dust jacket has a few soft curves on the top. - $9.95

Lacey is a wonderful toy poodle who lives by the sea in Santa Monica, California with her human father. There was a time when she shared her house with a human sister and a human mother, but one day they left to live someplace else and that made Lacey very, very sad. At first she blamed herself for the separation and desperately wanted them all to be together again. But as time passed, Lacey came to realize a most valuable lesson about grown up people and getting along with them. The 8.25"w x 10.25"h, 40-page hardback was written by Michel Fattah, illustrated by Linda Voight and published in 1990. It is in great condition, complete with dustjacket. The dustjack was a few scuffs and wrinkles. $12.95

Mr. Doodle has a very talented poodle who skis and jumps rope and dances and skates - does everything but bark. The 30-page book was written by Jane Belk Moncure and illustrated by Linda Hohag and Lori Jacobson. The 9.25" x 7.75" book was published in 1988 and is in excellent condition with no rips, tears or marks. $12.95

After a trip to the doggy beauty parlor, the family takes the dapper and dandified Poodle to the beach for the day. Oh, the trouble he gets into! From chasing seagulls to frisbees, other dogs, a cat, the Poodle has a fun day! Then the baby falls off the jetty and he dives in to save her and pull her to shore. The 8.5"w x 11.25"h, 32-page hardback is written by Margaret Mahy and illustrated by Sarah Garland. This First American Edition is new, complete with dust jacket. $14.95

The Big City Circus needs a new dog act! "I'm going to get that job!" says Clementine. Good-bye teeny town, hello big city! Only three days before her job begins! Clementine needs to find: A feather boa, new boots, and the beach! Join Clementine and her new friends as they play, eat and shop their way through the big city. This First Edition picture hardback book is new, complete with dust jacket. $14.95

Sassie was a pup living alone on the street. She was hungry. She was tired. She was very, very dirty. But when she is rescued, she discovers that she is royal - a real, live Princess! Princess Sassafras! And a Princess's life is what she wants to lead. But Sassafras has to make sure that all that preening doesn't go to her head! This wonderful hardback book is new, complete with dust jacket which has glitter! on it (though some of the glitter is coming off). A perfect additional to any poodle owner's library, or for an owner to give as a gift. $14.95

Barbara was ten and Tommy was eight, and they had never even heard of their father's sister, Aunt Tofelia. Now they did hear about her. She was not, it seemed, like other people! Even so, they were to be left with her and her husband, Uncle Rupert, for a whole weekend. Really they were being left with Aunt Tofelia, Uncle Rupert and Terry Berry. Terry Berry was a poodle, and the most important member of the household. This 119 page hardback book is new, complete with dust jacket and clear protective dust jacket. $14.95

Lulu wants a real dog! - not Harry, the stuffed red toy poodle her parents bought for her. But with love and imagination, Harry becomes a real Poodle. From then, Harry and Lulu have fun and heartwarming adventures in Paris. A pleasant read for any Poodle enthusiast. A First Edition children's book written by Arthur Yorinks with illustrations by Martin Matje, the 32-page, 8.75"w x 11.25"h hardback is new. $14.95

"The Other Dog" is based on the story of Touche L'Engle-Franklin, a Poodle who was a actress on the New York stage. After her stage career, she then had to share the house with The Other Dog. But this dog didn't have a tail, she didn't have much hair and, most disgustingly, she didn't have to go out in the rain to go to the potty. This is her story of how she met this other dog and got to love her, as everyone loved Touche. A children's hardback, 8.75"wide x 11.75"tall, with 44-pages, complete with dust jacket. A joyous book for Poodle lovers. $14.95

This seems to be just an ordinary little tale at first, but it leaves the reader overwhelmed with emotion, doubts, speculation, and raises the question: can such a strong bond really exist between a man and a dog? Mayer persuades us that it can. Love Letter is the extraordinary story of a man, whose initial indifference towards animals is won over by a small poodle called Kale', who gradually turns his life around, and even helps him discover real faith along the way. The author writes in a concise, down to earth manner, directly addressing and paying homage to the little dog who is no longer with him. This hardback copy is in excellent condition, complete with dust jacket. $9.95

"Poodle Play" - Artwork by Lorena Pugh
Card Size: 5-3/8" x 8-1/4"
Printed on recycled paper - Made in the U.S.A.
Inside: "May all your Christmas wishes come true."
16 cards and 17 envelopes for $16.95


Settin' Pretty
Fred & Linda Jurman
2133 Shady Cliff
San Antonio, Texas 78232-3113
1-888-708-4581 - phone/fax: 1-210-545-6335

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