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UPDATE: March 4, 2013

"Our beautiful boy Ringo who was cruelly left after being shot in the face has finally found his happy ending. On Friday evening he went to meet Rosie, his potential new sister, to see how they would feel about living together. Rosie and Ringo hit it off immediately and were more than happy to play together, share their food bowls and, as you can see, have a good snooze together after their two hour walk on the beach! Ringo will also be living with Florrie, a 14 year old Red Setter and a new wonderful family who fell madly in love with him at first sight - as he did with them. Although tears were shed saying goodbye to this incredible boy, his spirit , his character, and the lessons he taught us about forgiveness will forever stay with us. He is truly a remarkable dog. "
ISBC Rescue Foster Volunteer

UPDATE: February 2, 2013

"Ringo is doing well and his face is healing nicely. Although he isn't putting on weight as yet, blood tests have been done and thankfully all is normal. He did have a good scoff of some luncheon roll that happened to be in the surgery! As such, the Vet reckons that he's just having too much fun and burning off a lot of the calories he consumes!
Ringo has come leaps and bounds in terms of confidence and within just a few days in his foster home, his character has come out so much more. He gets on very well with the two resident dogs and has no problem whatsoever with the cats - he pretty much ignores them. Ringo seems to have learned very quickly from the dogs that he can feel safe. "
ISBC Rescue Volunteer

An Irish Setter walked into a farmyard about ten days ago whimpering and crying. The family was horrified to see the state of the poor Red Head and raced him to a vet. Some (four-letter word) had taken a dislike to this dog and shot him. The (expletive deleted) used a 20-gauge and shot off the right jaw of the Irish and part of his right ear as well, putting birdshot through the skull and right torso in an attempt to kill this poor guy. Apparently the wounded dog ran or limped off. From the state of its wounds, the vet determined he had been shot about two weeks prior to being brought in for treatment. Some of the shot wounds were healing up and others were beginning to fester and becoming gangrenous. How this poor Irish survived is unknown and unbelievable. When the poor little guy was brought in, the Vet determined he was about two years old but weighed in at only 33 pounds!
The vet contacted IS Rescue and there have been continual consultations on whether this poor little Irish could or would survive, how to feed him, etc. Of course, there is the question of how to rebuild the right side jaw for the little guy. There has never been a consideration of putting him down.
Now, after this little guy has almost been murdered by a human and had to starve for a couple of weeks in the wild, he still trusted and went to two-leggers for comfort. He has been at the vet's and just walks around following the staff and, wherever they light, he sits or lays down with his head on one of their feet. The staff have named him "Ringo". The other dogs at the Clinic seem to be aware of the plight of this little one and are very deferential towards him, nuzzling and licking him and laying with him. Even the cats are solicitous.
We had posted some of this information on Setters-L a few days ago. We were venting and ranting at the inhumanity of Man and, at that time, we were not soliciting any financial assistance. There was a reason for that. We are not talking about a dog found here in south Texas or Tennessee or Vermont. Ringo is currently in Northern Ireland.
However, many of you have come forward with a desire to help. We know the Irish Setter Breeders Club of the United Kingdom will be footing the bill for this guy's care and rehabilitation - but it could be a hefty price tag coupled with long term care. There has already been a fund raiser (a parajump by one young lady) as well as other efforts in the UK. As of last week, they were about $800.00 behind in the bills which are steadily mounting. The ISBC is working steadily to pay them. We at Settin' Pretty are setting up a funnel point for any donations coming from Americans to go directly to Ringo's care. As some bills have to be paid in Euros and some in Pound Sterling, we will convert whatever is donated and get it to the appropriate parties. The cost of all transfer and conversion fees will be our responsibility. We will accept all major credit cards, checks, money orders - and even cash. Use the Order Form on this website - or call us tollfree any day from 10 to 9 Texas time. We will have updates on Ringo posted here and to Setters-L as they arrive.

This is the first photo taken of Ringo after arriving at the Vet's office. He was shot in the face/muzzle area and most of his right jaw was blown away by the shotgun blast. You can see what appears to be a "string" hanging down from his head. That is actually part of his upper right lip.

This is a copy of the x-ray taken of Ringo's head after arrival. They took this to assess the damage to the jaw and the head and also to verify the location of the birdshot embedded in his body. You can see a couple of dozen in the x-ray. There are more you cannot see in this image and more throughout his body.

This is a head-on image of Ringo. You can see what's left of his right jaw. His right ear was also partly shot away and bits are hanging loosely. The wounds from the birdshot are peppering the right upper muzzle and nose area. Although he has been seriously abused by Man, his eyes have a very trusting look.

This photo was taken a couple of days ago at the vet's office. Ringo is progressing. He is a very people-oriented and trusting Irish even after all the abuse. Ringo has the open run of the vet's. He walks about following the staff. He does not get in the way of anyone, rather he sits by their feet. He will also lay his head across their feet thanking them for their easing of his pain.

Settin' Pretty
Fred & Linda Jurman
2133 Shady Cliff, San Antonio, Texas 78232-3113
Tollfree: 1-888-708-4581 - Phone/Fax: (210) 545-6335

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