Mixed Media: This is a term to describe just how Paul Doyle creates his unique original and beautiful artworks. Paul creates these using airbrush, watercolors, acrylic, pastels and sometimes colored pencils all on the same page. He uses this diverse technique to create almost photographic images with a fun idea. He is The Master at his craft.

Giclee' ("zhee - clay") Printing: A new digital printing process resulting in a print which gives you an image many times sharper than a lithograph. It has detail that only compares with the original oil painting, down to the individual brushstrokes and the finer nuances of color and texture of the artwork. In order to achieve this exceptional level of image quality, each giclee' is individually printed in a slow digital process on heavy vellum stock with archival inks.

Lithographic (Litho) Printing: A reproduction of an artwork by photographing an image onto a metal plate and can be rapidly printed, usually on large four-color presses. Depending on the size of the artwork, you can get as many as a dozen prints on a sheet of art cardstock. Each L/E print should be individually inspected to ensure the color image is correct.

Limited Edition: A Limited Edition (L/E) print is an artwork of which there will only ever be a finite number printed only in a single size. For instance, a printing run of 500 prints. After the 500 prints have come off the press, the lithographic plates used to produce the print are destroyed. There will never be any more printed. A Limited Edition is signed by the artist and individually numbered in sequence, e.g 343/500. Limited Editions may be printed in any manner such as lithograph, giclee' or engraving. Settin' Pretty considers Limited Edition artworks to be no higher than 999 in sequence. Most artists and art publishing houses will not print higher than 500 prints and some are limiting runs to 295 prints. Limited Editions are normally higher cost to purchase because of the relative rarity of the item. The Limited Edition prints Settin' Pretty carries are normally from internationally recognized and awarded artists whose works are acknowledged to be among the best of their kind in the world. Limited Edition prints are sold by Settin' Pretty as well as art dealers on almost every continent. There is no rule on how long it takes to sell the run of a print. Some never do sell out and others will sell out quickly. For instance, a Paul Doyle Border Terrier print sold out all 500 prints four days after the release date.

Open Edition: An Open Edition (O/E) print is an artwork which can be reproduced by the artist or publisher forever or as long as the item continues to sell. Quality images have been reproduced for hundreds of years. These usually have a lower price than a Limited Edition as there are many more copies available all over the world.

Out Of Print: An Out of Print (OOP) signifies that a Limited Edition print is no longer available from the artist or the publisher. All the copies have been sold to art dealers or individuals throughout the world. As it is a L/E, no more copies can be printed. At this point, the print enters the secondary or collectible market where the price can rise dramatically. The Paul Doyle Border Terrier print mentioned above that sold out so rapidly originally sold for about $40.00 is now valued at $450.00 - if you can find a copy to purchase. Mike Sibley's art goes for much higher prices - typically ten times or higher - when it goes OOP.

Original Art: This is the basis artwork from which the Limited Edition print is taken. These could be oil paintings, mixed media, charcoals or watercolors, for instance. Settin' Pretty has an assortment of originals for sale from various artist and galleries throughout Europe.

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