A REMARQUE (re-mark) is an original drawing applied to a margin of a print, normally a limited edition print. Mike Sibley draws AND remarques in pencil and Mike's remarques are of a similar quality to the main body of the work. Each remarque will be of the same breed as the limited edition print it graces. Each remarque takes time to produce - more than four hours for a Standard Remarque and ten or more hours for a Panoramic Remarque.

A Standard Remarque is about 2" x 2" and normally fits in one of the lower corners of the print.
A Standard Remarque by Mike Sibley is an additional $150.00.

A Panoramic Remarque occupies the entire bottom border of the print, about 2"h x 17"w.
A Panoramic Remarque by Mike Sibley is an additional $270.00.

Each remarque, whether it is a Standard or Panoramic is unique.
It is an original drawing and is different from the last one drawn and from the next one drawn.

Why a Remarque?

Two reasons.

One is that it enhances the beauty of an already beautiful piece of art
and truly makes it one of a kind. In addition, if you send us pictures of your dog, Mike may be able to work that dog into the remarque, making it very personal.

The second reason is value. Although we can't make any promises, the value of any print will normally increase in time. However, a print with an original remarque has been known to increase in value five to ten times the original price.

Here are some examples of Remarques
Mike Sibley has done in the past.

Panoramic Remarque for the Cairn Terrier Print: Barn Patrol

Panoramic Remarque for the Bearded Collie Print: Done Balin'

Standard Remarque for a Newf Print:
Whistler's Cove

Standard Remarque for a BorderTerrier Print: Overlooked

Standard Remarque for a Norwich Print

Standard Remarque on a Bearded print

Settin' Pretty
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